Greetings to all and welcome to the internet home of author IA Mullin.  Here you can learn more about the Redsands, home of Marilana and her friends.  You can find maps and images not included in the books, read additional stories from the author, and even find where to buy these books.  Additional bonuses including discussing topics with other fans, asking questions of the author and characters, and the occasional giveaway can be reached by joining the Mages of Magewood.  Thank you for coming and enjoy your visit!

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News for 8-9-2017

Hello everyone! I have 2 important bits of news.

First of all, I am very excited to be joining the Fort Collins Comic Con as a vendor this year. The con is taking place August 26-27 at the Fort Collins Northside Aztlan Community Center 9AM to 8PM. The vendor room opens at 10am. I will have paperback and hardback copies of Mystillion for sale and I will be signing those copies. You can find out more about the con at https://fococomiccon.com/get/badges-2017/ . Badges(tickets) are currently on sale! There will be a limited number of badges available hourly at the door both Saturday and Sunday. Badge Pricing Structure: Ages 13+: $20, Ages 6-12: $10, Ages 5 and under: Free. All badge sales benefit the Poudre River Public Library District.

The Second bit of news, and the one I know you're all waiting for, is that I have started the process of publishing Maefair: Redsands Book 2. The editors are done with the manuscript and I am working with the cover designer to get it ready for publication hopefully by the end of the year. I will let you know when I have an official publication date set.

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Thoughts from IA Mullin for March 2017

At the beginning of March, I had the privilege to be a presenter at the Eaton Middle School Career Day. I talked to three groups of students about how to start down the path to become an author. I told them to learn about themselves and the world around them. The keynote speaker for the day also talked about paying attention to the world around them as they go through school. The whole day made me stop and think about my own school years. I had been a student in that very building, most of the teachers I knew have since retired, but I could see the same types of interactions between the students and teachers that I had seen as a student. Some students prefer to stay to the sides, wanting to be anywhere but school, while many students work hard to do what their teachers ask of them. It was therefore inevitable for me to recognize yet again the important role that teachers play

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News for 5-11-2017

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted any new updates. It has been a very busy few months. The editing on Maefair: Redsands Book 2 is progressing nicely. Redsands: Redsands Book 3 is waiting in the wings for its turn with the editors. I have been trying to increase my distrobution of Mystillion, and as such things go have run into a few headaches. Because of this, I had to remove my hardcover and Barnes and Noble availability. I am working on correcting the issues and hope to have those back soon. On a more fun note, I entered a short story in the Star Trek Online 2017 First Contact Day Writing Contest. It was not one of the winners, but I have posted it here for you all to enjoy. Enjoy!


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Mystillion has been released!

Order Now!

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